Hostile Work Environment

Employees need to work to live and support their families. When employees are harassed and discriminated against in the workplace, the initial inclination is to attempt to tolerate or endure the illegal conduct rather than object and risk retaliation. Employees need to understand they have an absolute right to work in an environment free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

If you believe that you have suffered by reason of discrimination based on gender, age, disability or race or that you have wrongfully lost your job, you may have a claim. If you believe that you are in a hostile work environment or you think that you have been the victim of sexual harassment on the job, you should protect yourself and your legal rights and contact an attorney who understands this complex area of the law.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on gender, religion, race, national origin or age. In addition to discrimination, this Act also makes it unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee when the employee has refused to violate a law or the employee has reported the employer for violating regulations.
Factors that the Federal and California courts use to determine whether your environment is sufficiently hostile to justify bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit include the following:

  • The frequency of the conduct
  • The severity of the conduct
  • Whether the conduct is physical or verbal
  • Whether it unreasonably interferes with your performance
  • The effect the conduct has on you

It is important to know what to do to protect the legal rights of yourself and your loved ones. Selecting the right Sacramento employment lawyer is an important decision. You should choose someone who is experienced, aggressive and dedicated to working to get fair compensation. Over the past we have successfully handled thousands of Sacramento employment cases. That is why you should contact the Sacramento Employment Lawyers Clancey, Doyle & O’Donnell.