Certain employment laws provide protection against retaliation for those who report violations of laws, or participate in investigations or serve as witnesses in particular types of cases. Those activities are really at the core of what lawyers are thinking about when they talk about whistleblower protections. Whistleblowing can consist of reporting crimes or fraud (or possibly unethical conduct) to government agencies (or even sometimes to the company’s management). Also, whistleblowing can consist of serving as a witness in many different types of cases, or assisting in investigations of many different types.

BUT NOT ALL WHISTLEBLOWING-TYPE ACTIVITY IS PROTECTED FROM RETALIATION. It gets very complicated. See a lawyer right away if you think you are being retaliated against.

What Employment Protections Apply to Whistleblowers?

Those persons who engage in some form of important whistleblowing have engaged in conduct that gives them legal protection against retaliation. The protection against retaliation is the most important work-place right that whistleblowing gives you. If you blew the whistle on something, but didn’t get retaliated against, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

Whistleblower protection might apply even if you were not fired in retaliation for the whistleblowing, but you have been significantly mistreated in the terms and conditions of your employment. If you have engaged in whistleblowing and are being retaliated against in any way, consider calling a lawyer.

There are many laws, both Federal and California, that expressly provide for whistleblower protection of some type. If you work in an industry that is regulated by the government and you report a violation of a significant rule governing your industry, or refuse to violate a significant such rule, and you get retaliated against, then you should suspect that a whistleblower law may exist that provides you with special legal rights.

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